Brochures and Leaflets

Because not everything is online

We’re reliably and correctly told that the whole world is online. But that doesn’t mean they’re online all the time! Sometimes people like to have a physical piece of marketing, something tangible to hold.

Where would I use a brochure or leaflet?

Brochures and leaflets can be distributed in person at events, meetings, networking events etc.  This distribution method means you can specifically target the people who you believe would take an interest in your business.

You can also have them at your place of business, so customers can take something away with them when they leave. And when they’ve finished with it, they can pass it on to somebody else.

What makes a good one?

It goes without saying that appearance is imperative when it comes to marketing materials that you hand out. The look of a handout tells the customer a lot about your business. A poorly written one can lose you business, but a good looking, informative and well-written one can be a great asset to your company.

How I can help

Writing copy for handouts such as leaflets, flyers and brochures has been a vital part of my job for the last 6 years. I have written content for a wide variety of marketing collateral, and using appropriate tone and language for the audience is one of my key strengths.

If you think your business needs to improve the content of its marketing handouts then please get in touch